Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The drizzle!

Day 16, on the road... in the rain - Today, I needed to get myself running on the road again, but I needed a longer route and running in circles is just not doing it for me. I found an awesome way to figure out nice walking/running routes without leaving the comfort of my couch. The keyword here is google maps. Open up google maps at and find your starting point. On the left pane, switch the traveling method to walking and go back to the map. In little steps, a right-click will allow you to set up a new destination flag, and you can add as many as you want. After placing the last flag, google maps will give you the exact distance (and of course traveling time for walking).
And here we go. After figuring out that my iPod touch has a built in stopwatch - yes, it took me 16 days to figure it out - I started running. 5 minutes into the run it started drizzling all the way through. Wet shoes are not fun and fogged up glasses are great, but hey, you can't have everything... the cool rain is not bad either.
I tried to redo my accomplishment from yesterday, but without walking. I did it! But stupid enough, google maps does NOT show you any hills on their maps. Have fun figuring out for yourself. The only problem I still have to figure out is to avoid the shin splints effectively. According to Jess from, the best way to do id to flex the foot against a wall so the splints stretch out. What do you think?

Distance: 3 miles
Time: 27 miles
Strategy: Just running on the road... up the hills and down the hills...