Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The run after two days of being sick

Day 15, the treadmill again - This morning was great. I woke up and my nose was just running, but no sneezing, no headache, but still a sore throat. I decided to take it easy today, but to set a new distance goal. 3 miles shouldn't be so hard after being so consistent with the 2 miles on the road and the treadmill. Running with allergies is not fun at all. I need some good tips to survive the run through nature.
What have I learned today? First of all, my goals are not high enough. I seem to wait setting up goals until I am certain that I can approach them. Secondly, watching TV is a much better distraction than listening to music while running, even though Montel Williams was trying to sell me his healthy lifestyle fruit and vegetable purifier, which is the same thing as a common blender, but has a weirdly shaped pitcher on top.

Distance: 3 miles
Time: 35 minutes
Strategy: 15/3 - treadmill

Here is another tip for after exercises. If you are tired of just doing push-ups and sit-ups then mix up the excitement with a deck of cards. Shuffle the cards well and place them face down in front of you. Draw a card. Black cards are push-ups, red cards are considered sit-ups. Obviously, the numbers on the cards count for the amount of push-ups/sit-ups. Jack, Queen, and Kings are worth 15, and Ace are worth 20. Have fun with it and see how far you get.

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