Friday, June 12, 2009

A new challenge

I am out of shape... badly out of shape. I used to do sports quite a while ago, but during my whole time of college, I barely worked out or did anything else in specific for my health.

About two weeks ago, my girlfriend Jess, who is the most supportive person I know (cuz she is kicking my ass), and her parents decided to participate in the annual 10K Alden Run that takes place in Alden, MI on July 26, 2009. It hurt a little bit when her dad didn't even think about asking me if I want to participate. Well, considering the fact of my unshaped body, which was tortured with
rhamen noodles and mac and cheese for the past 4 years, I wouldn't have asked myself either. I therefore stood up and announced that I will:
  1. change my lifestyle
  2. start drinking water (I HATE water)
  3. start running 5 days of the week
  4. Finish the 10 K Alden Run in a respectable time!!!
I will write this blog to help me stay motivated throughout the process. After finishing this challenge, my future entries will show how I live my life after the big 10K, and if I continue with a bigger challenge.

What can you expect here:
  • I will report every day about my accomplishments, experiences while running, and the length of the route.
  • A current running play list that is on my iPod
  • Recipes I find healthy (feel free to post yours in the comments)
  • Foods and supplements I use/try
  • and everything else I find important (maybe the reason why I hate water)
I am already into week 2 of my project; therefore, the first entry will be a long summary of the two hardest weeks of my life. Please feel free to post anything in the comments that you think might help me with my challenge. I ask you for the courtesy of not swearing or cursing and respect common commenting etiquette.

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